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Courtesy of @OccupyWallStNYC

At this point, you would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the Occupy Movement that began in NYC a few short weeks ago and promptly blossomed into an international campaign for

political revolution and corporate accountability. Now how much you really know about the movement depends on where the information was coming from. Its safe to say that mainstream media outlets have tainted the movement in an effort to dampen the spirit of revolution. If you are looking for unbiased news regarding the movement might I suggest looking at one of the many #occupy accounts on twitter or #anonymous news sources. If you follow me I often retweet current news and I follow many of the peaceful protests currently taking place across the country.

I’m not here to be the political expert on the movement, there are many more politically savvy individuals more capable than I. I simply want to stress the point that the Occupy Movement is so much more than a political statement. It is a cultural statement. Too long Americans have been comfortable in their lives, turning a blind eye to injustice and corporate greed. This movement has been a long time coming, but whats more important than any change we as the 99% want to see, is that we have finally unified as the 99%. No longer can we allow party affiliations, religious dogma, and cultural mores divide us as Americans and more importantly human beings.

Each one of us deserves equality, justice, and the support of our neighbors, together we can accomplish any goal and conquer any foe, including the gluttonous top 1% of this country. As the movement grows and more attention is brought to the issues at hand, we must remain united as One. The divisions of class, race, gender, political party, religious sect, and cultural affiliation must no longer be utilized for segregation and denigration. We are one people with one cause and among this group we must respect and promote diversity and individual practices to ensure that there is no majority and no minority. The rights of all people must be held strong against the wants of certain groups or agendas. I encourage all people around the world to bring your love and light to the movement in any way you can so that we may shine our light on the world!