A Wand at Dawn

What life is this? I do not know

The aftermath of free falling down a rabbit hole

What life is this? I can not say

Releasing former folly ends the storm of yesterday

Who knew what today would be?

That life without you flows free, in glowing reverie

Magic swirls and colors twirl on the dawn’s fresh air

The maiden reborn into a mother emerges from the black lair

I fear neither what this day may bring

Nor the approach of tidings on tomorrows wing

With the cease of battle, faith rings victorious in my soul

No longer will fear bind, blind and control

With the coming of the dawn something must ebb

A union of dark, dank lies and deceptive cries in a tangled web

Each sunbeam at first light births the promise of a new Ray

Undaunted by the going and coming of what may

I cry no tears for the self inflicted ego of old

A new journey lies ahead, waiting to unfold

Open toward the daybreaks’ promise of rebirth

My heart seeks enlightenment that lies outside time space and earth

To the senses of this mortal shell the path may not be clear

My soul ascends through faith, no longer blocked by the foe of fear

All trust resides within Divine guidance, wisdom and love

Once lost I am found in radiance ever bound  to enchantment from above

I bask, I bathe, exhilaration in illumination, my soul love showers upon

The wondrous works of a whisk of a wand at dawn