Wisdom in the Wind



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When the winds of change call your name,

Stop to hear the sound.

Of a past blown free without reverie,

And new opportunities abound.


On a dull Thursday morning, I sipped my coffee as I poured over my computer at my corporate job. Another day of emails, job postings, and office drama. Suddenly a whispering starts low and begins to grow. Outside my office window, the downtown landscape looks the same, but the winds of change have come for me. As the whipping winds continue to rise, their song cannot be ignored. My intuition *clicks* as I feel the energy around me transform and my cell phone rings with an offer for a new job….

And in that moment, I moved my life forward. I seized the opportunity for me to begin a new chapter on the path that is true to who I am and what I love to do. I will now be working at The Beauty Lounge in Carmel, as Salon Coordinator. I’m so excited to continue my journey of helping others explore their beauty inside and out! This is a fabulous group of stylists, estheticians, manicurists, and all round amazing people!

Sometimes you can feel a change in the air, sometimes you simply know its coming; but sometimes change makes its intentions know, without a doubt. It may feel like a warning of impending doom, but really, it’s the universe preparing you for the next step. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith for your best self. You deserve every opportunity for happiness, so take it!


Love and Light!


To the 99%


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It’s a grey day in America, bleak light shining in stray lines

through the dogmatic pall, cast like a net on unsuspecting minds.

Winds of change whisper promises of revolution,

signs of the times, a process in chaos: evolution!

A paradigm shift of thoughts, words, and deeds;

Reactions to the obstructions of providing essential needs.

The fractures at our base, expose cunning liars as they topple and spill;

overflowing at our feet and lapping up in waves on Capitol Hill.

Unrest amplified through heads and hearts,

we can wait no longer for change to start!

Rise up as one, my brothers and sisters, in unified dissent!

With love in our hearts and fire in our eyes we are the 99 percent!